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Contains the KUM Masterpiece 12 cedar wood pencils and 2 Mono Light erasers Erlangen-based KUM was founded in 1919. Originally a plastics and metalwares factory (or Kunststoff- und Metallwarenfabrik - KUM), the company spent its early years producing only pencil sharpeners before moving on to make a range of products such as globes and drawing instruments, writing aids, school and fine art brushes, writing pads, paintbrushes and scissors. The pencil sharpener has remained an important product throughout the past century - one that has retained its cult status among artists of all stripes. Why? Because it does its job, sharpening pencils the way it should without the leads breaking off in the process. The key to the very high utility of this writing instrument is the special manufacturing philosophy: When it comes to quality, nothing is left to chance. That is how KUM came to develop its very own tool and mould making department early on. To this day, the injection moulds, as well as the vast majority of the machines, are designed and built in-house. Just how seriously KUM takes the issue of quality is best exemplified in the production of the Masterpiece sharpener. Each sharpener goes through eight different quality tests, one after each step in production. But the KUM Masterpiece needs worthy objects to work on. Cheap pencils crumble and splinter dismally under the grip of its blades. Introducing one of the best pencils ever: the Japanese Tombow 100. It is, as it should be, made of cedar wood, which can be peeled extremely finely. As the lead in Japanese pencils produces slightly fainter lines in all grades than German pencils, HB is always the right choice for writing with these instruments. No longer made of rubber, the Tombow eraser can remove graphite marks on papers (even very delicate ones) without stains or residues.

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