Continental index cards (150 pieces)


Continental index cards in a double format
Designed for a flat view system but also ideal for minute-taking and note-taking activities. The front side is designed in a A7 vertical format, with a title line at the top, and is intended for filing in our flat view index. The back side features a classic horizontal format, with the card usually being filed in an A7 index and archival boxes. The vertically formatted front side is designed for organisation (agendas, to-do lists), while the horizontally formatted back side reserved for notes and addenda. The system’s possibilities are endless. It allows for the organisation of 12 problem or project tracking cards, each one noting the next five steps to be taken in the respective project (from call to elaboration). Alternatively, one portion of the cards can be used for scheduling the coming weeks, while others are used to prepare for upcoming meetings (with the respective back side being used to take notes). Completed cards can be archived, thereby providing a paper-based long-term memory. When filed chronologically, they also provide a content-rich diary. Paper weight 300 g. Made in Denmark.

Technical Information

Paper weight 300g. From Denmark. DIN A7, lined, 150 Stück je Karton, 300g offset paper, woodfree, white, matt, bleached without elemental chlorine, ageing resistant according to DIN 6738 und DIN EN ISO 9706, certified according to FSC und PEFC).

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Reading and writing together form the basis of people’s ability to engage with culture. In the art of reading, these skills are combined at the latest in the annotation and extraction of information from a text. Traditional stationery shops, whose job it is to sell writing instruments, have slipped into a sleepy routine. This is where we come in to revive the scene with products developed in-house and a highly cultured offering. Starting with the writing tools drawer, in which you can “configure” your own pen using the best refills and beautiful casings, we then gradually fill other drawers with instruments for gathering, organising and storing information – both manually and digitally. The vast majority of the items below are made in Germany or by specialists in Europe, Japan or the USA. We develop selected products under the established Continental brand.

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