Door handle porcelain black nickel-plated brass


Heavy door set with black or white porcelain handles and solid brass angle pieces (paint black or white depending on the item). Scope of delivery: 2 handles without rosettes, 2 brass spacers and an Allen key. You must purchase a set of rosettes additionally. Delivery is without screws.

Technical Information

Handle length: approx. 11 cm, max. 2.7 cm Ø
Weight: 320 g

More details

Porcelain fittings from Limoges.
The door handles come from Limoges (in the French Limousin), a historical center of enamel painting and porcelain production in Europe. The porcelain used for the handles is smooth-fired at temperatures exceeding 1400°C, making it extremely durable as so-called "hard porcelain". The nickel-plated brass parts are turned from the solid piece and then milled. The models date from the beginning of the 20th century. In contrast to the long escutcheons that are widely used today, our porcelain sets have two separate escutcheons: one for the handle and one for the keyhole. This is especially advantageous for old room doors, which do not adhere to today's standards in terms of distance dimensions. The door handles have a square of 8 x 8 mm, the standard size for today's interior doors. Other square dimensions are available on request. As an alternative to the classic door handle we offer door knobs in olive shape. They originate from a time when ergonomics was not a trendy topic but a matter of course.

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