JUMO jointed Bakelite lamp


In 1945, the engineers at the French lamp factory JUMO designed an unfolding and folding lamp which, when needed, stretches out to a height of 41 cm via three joints but, as soon as its light throw is dispensable, shrinks like a turtle by folding in all its extremities and concealing them under a bonnet thanks to its inherent articulation. The bonnet is the beautifully shaped lampshade (made of Bakelite®). The material quality of the 70 individual parts and their manual assembly explain the price.

Technical Information

Socket: E 14
Pressure switch in the bottom part
Height continuously adjustable from: 13.6 - 41 cm
Length base plate: max. 28 cm
Width: max. 19 cm
Weight: 1.3 kg.
Integrated cable rewind in the base part
Cable length: 2 m

More details

In 1945, the engineers of the French lamp manufacturer JUMO designed a jointed lamp that can be extended to a height of 41 cm by means of three joints, but as soon as ist light is no longer needed, it shrinks like a turtle by folding all its extremities back in and concealing them under a hood. This hood, which is made of Bakelite®, also serves as a shade. The price is explained by the material quality of the 70 individual parts and the fact that they are carefully assembled by hand. We have acquired the ambitious project of the JUMO reissue from two French enthusiasts and have since been manufacturing this lamp ourselves.

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