Katalog 2022/2023 Leuchten aus Porzellan, Bakelit, Metallen und Glas deutsch



  • Lisiluxleuchten von Lindern
  • THPG-Minimaleuchten
  • THPG-Hängeleuchten und THPG-Wandstrahler
  • Keller- und Außenleuchten
  • RIMSA-Arbeitsleuchten
  • Porzellanleuchten Bone China
  • Triplex-Opalglasleuchten
  • Alabasterleuchten aus Venetien
  • Porzellanleuchten aus Venetien
  • Leuchtenbaukasten MEDIUM
  • Leuchtenbaukausten MINIMAL
  • Bauteile und Zubehör aus unserer Werkstatt

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Technical Information

Pages: 24
Format: A4

More details

Our lights. In a different class, inside and out.

In manufacturing and purchasing the components for our lights, we follow the same guiding principles that also apply to our light switches. We focus on a materiality that simultaneously ensures durability, functional reliability and visual appeal – in this case, of our lights. This is true not only for the visible parts, but for the technical inner workings: sockets made of porcelain, Bakelite® or steatite (rarely of brass-plated steel), the best fabric cables available (from the Vogtland region) and solid, reliable switching mechanisms. We manufacture many of the parts on our own tools. Should there be a need for repair or spare parts despite the longevity of our products, again our principle “Things made to last” holds: We repair and keep spare parts in stock for the future.

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