Enamel: since 3000 years. Coolicon: since 1933. famous lamps from Edinburgh.

Enameling, the surface protection of steel and iron by a thin, porcelain-like, either transparent or colored glaze is ancient. But only a few companies in Europe still master the technique, and probably hardly any master it like Coolicon®, where the enamel comes to an unrivaled color brilliance, and in a typically English broad-band spectrum such as the sun otherwise only gets to see on a racing day at Ascot, which is outshone by it. Their shape has remained unchanged since 1933, and the enameled steel shades have always had a Coolicon®-typical feature, because the tapered neck of the lampshade is open between the socket and the bulge. This was originally a thermal measure to cool the bulb, but the thus given second light throw upwards quickly became a highly appreciated characteristic of the Coolicon® lamp.
On the colors: we adopt out of respect the very poetic English names, because with so much authenticity, any translation would be sacrilege.


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