Tiny House in Italy

Tiny House

Bakelite switch system®.

There is space in the smallest hut – space for a fundamentally ecological approach, space for outstanding materials and high-quality technology. The Tiny House in Anfo, Italy (built in 2020), shows that when the aim is to get by with little, that little should meet the highest standards. It starts with construction using sustainable and ecological materials, primarily wood. And it ends with switches and outlets made of Bakelite®, the original, vintage synthetic material that, unlike modern thermoplastics, still looks fresh even after a hundred years and, above all, offers full technical functionality. Such durability represents applied ecology in the best sense of the word! For anyone interested in the dimensions of this beautiful structure: 720 x 255 x 320 cm (external), 690 x 222 x 230 cm (internal). Weight: approx. 3,400 kg.

Location:Anfo, Italy
Renovation period:2020
Owners:Lisa Posch, Bernhard Schachinger
Interior design:Lisa Posch, Bernhard Schachinger
Project planning:Florian Radner.
Details:Ecological design, local raw materials, road legal.



“In a small space, details are very important – so choosing the right ones is vital. At THPG, we found products that combine aesthetic minimalism and high quality. They also blend superbly with our mix of original vintage furniture and timeless design classics.”

– Bernhard Schachinger, owner



Pictures: © Tiny House

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