Telephone jack duroplast

Technical Information

- Duroplast central insert
- for 1 telephone and 2 additional devices or data terminals
- 3 x 6 pole
- 6 screwed contacts
- Ø 7,0 cm

More details

Series 2: Bakelite and Duroplast.

In the first half of the 20th century, the name Bakelite was virtually synonymous with plastics. With the emergence of later thermoplastics, “Bakelite” has come to be used to describe the old heavy thermosets (melamine, phenolic resins) as distinct from other types that are somewhat disparagingly referred to merely as “plastic”. Contrary to what one might expect from the common usage of the term, “Bakelite” is not a generic name. Instead, it is a trademark, and in the case of Germany it is registered to Bakelite AG, which is based in Iserlohn (and, since being sold by parent company Rütgerwerke to Borden Chemical in 2005, has changed hands between various American chemical companies and is now owned by Momentive Specialty Chemicals). This situation has created some confusion in terminology. Bakelite is a thermosetting polymer (a thermoset, for short), but not every thermoset is Bakelite. Hence the distinction on our part: The black and white switch series are both made of thermosetting polymers, but only the black one is Bakelite in the trademarked sense, while the white one is moulded from a related resin. For more about Bakelite, its place in the history of materials and cultural history, and its career as a cult favourite material, please see

Covers & Combinations

Covers and combination options.
All switches and sockets are supplied without external cover!
The switches and sockets can be combined with the various covers of the series and thus used in a wide variety of configurations. For the inserts of the black switch series made of Bakelite® round and square single covers, round system covers and square double, triple and quadruple covers are available. You can combine all switches and sockets of the Bakelit® switch series with these covers. The system and multiple covers can be used on existing installations without any problems, as they have been developed in accordance with the standard clearances. The Bakelit® switch range fits into all standard flush-mounted boxes.

The Bakelit® switch range is also compatible with the thermoset switch range and the covers of the glass switch range. Since the porcelain switch series is built up differently in height, this is not compatible.

The advantages of our switch systems at a glance

  • solid, heavy quality with lavish use of materials
  • sophisticated, proven materials (Bakelite®, porcelain, thermoset)
  • ceramic switch systems of highest reliability
  • a discreet design that is hard to resist
  • full conformity with DIN and VDE regulations
Incl. 19% VAT
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2-3 Working Days
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