Tombow MONO 100 12-set box


Contains 12 cedar wood pencils. The KUM Masterpiece needs a worthy counterpart to live up to its full potential. Cheap pencils crumble and splinter dismally under the grip of its blades. Introducing one of the best pencils ever: the Japanese Tombow 100. It is, as it should be, made of cedar wood, which can be peeled extremely finely. As the lead in Japanese pencils produces slightly fainter lines in all grades than German pencils, HB is always the right choice for writing with these instruments. Founded in 1913 by pencil manufacturer Harunosuke Ogawa, this Japanese family-owned business today enjoys an excellent reputation among creative people from around the globe. Entering into a world dominated by the traditional four treasures of Japanese writing culture - ink, brush, inkstone and paper - the pencil made a big splash in Japan in the early 20th century, and its use spread rapidly. The pencil boom was fuelled by the introduction of the Latin alphabet, which did not lend itself as well to brushstrokes. Tombow soon earned a reputation as a producer of particularly high-quality, reliable pencils, replete with in-house production of leads and wooden shafts, and an attention to detail that is to be expected from the birthplace of calligraphy. But wherever there are people, there are bound to be people making mistakes. So it was only natural that the pencils were soon supplemented with an eraser, which also stood out on account of its particular suitability for creative undertakings. Though the Tombow brand has since established itself as the go-to name for a wide range of other high-quality writing instruments, it is still associated with the product of the first hour: the pencil.

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Reading and writing together form the basis of people’s ability to engage with culture. In the art of reading, these skills are combined at the latest in the annotation and extraction of information from a text. Traditional stationery shops, whose job it is to sell writing instruments, have slipped into a sleepy routine. This is where we come in to revive the scene with products developed in-house and a highly cultured offering. Starting with the writing tools drawer, in which you can “configure” your own pen using the best refills and beautiful casings, we then gradually fill other drawers with instruments for gathering, organising and storing information – both manually and digitally. The vast majority of the items below are made in Germany or by specialists in Europe, Japan or the USA. We develop selected products under the established Continental brand.

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