Outlet wall-mounted bakelite


Two-part case and lid made of Bakelite with a single lateral input; two lateral screw attachments facilitate wall mounting.
Outlet with integrated shutter. With spring clips. Cable mounted on wall surface. Safety rating IP44 with sealed lid, rating IP20 when plug inserted.
Each outlet comes with an additional rubber ring: if applied to an IP44 plug as an additional seal, the outlet attains safety rating IP44.

Technical Information

16 A, AC 250 V
IP 44
Length: 8.5 cm
Width: 9.7 cm
Height above surface: 7 cm
Weight: 160 g

More details

Series 5: The toughest of the tough. “Die Dickhäuter.” For humid environments and outdoor use. Moisture-proof Bakelite switches. IP44.

They are a piece of electrical industry history. From the late 19th century well into the mid-20th century, they could be found in industrial settings and home basements, bearing famous names: Siemens-Schuckert and Dr. Deisting. They were among the technical equipment that inspired deep trust in its functionality through its sturdy physical presence alone. Truly, the toughest of the tough. And they truly deserve that trust. Electricians today are still amazed at how well even very old installations work, both electrically and mechanically. That is one of the reasons we decided against reinventing these switches and outlets. They remain just as they were: crafted from 2.5-millimetre Bakelite, with a switching mechanism that makes a satisfying and authentic sound.

The advantages of our switch systems at a glance

  • solid, heavy quality with lavish use of materials
  • sophisticated, proven materials (Bakelite®, porcelain, thermoset)
  • ceramic switch systems of highest reliability
  • a discreet design that is hard to resist
  • full conformity with DIN and VDE regulations

Assembly note

For mounting: The housing of the damp-proof series consists of two parts. The base assembly is mounted on the wall and the cables are placed through the cable entries and sealed tightly. The internal parts are mounted and wired into the base group and then the housing tops are put on and screwed. The switches and sockets are completely enclosed by the two housing parts and protected from moisture.

For mounting on plaster, we offer textile-covered cables and matching cable clamps.

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