MINIMAL light kit

Our MINIMAL light kit.

Groups of these sockets each have the same size external thread, which can be freely combined with matching shades (MINIMAL). If you also add your preferred cables and canopies, you will end up with self-composed luminaires that differ significantly in shape and light design. Often, a variation in detail is enough to create a different overall impression or to better integrate the luminaire into its future environment.

Should the light fall shielded or unshielded? Should the shade amplify or dim it with more or less reflection? Should the light color be made more radiant by a white-painted (or even enameled) shade, or broken into warmth by a darker (or copper) shade? Even when a luminaire is not switched on, it remains in the room as a kind of furniture. You can play with black and white contrasts in the socket, cable, canopy and clamping ring, or even set your own accent with colored textile cable.



Light kit MINIMAL.

The basic decision is first the socket as a pendant, ceiling or wall lamp. We offer the MINIMAL lampholders with eleven different pressed copper and sheet steel shades. A 1.5 meter long black textile cable is supplied with each pendant lamp. You can also order a different cable color and/or length, as well as a canopy in black or white with or without a cable exit on the side.


  1. socket selection
  2. shade selection

1. socket selection

2. shade selection


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