Nokia 6300 Silver (incl. charger)


Better voice quality. Better reception. Without Google looking over your shoulder.
If you want a mobile that just makes calls and doesn’t give you directions, measure your pulse, take your fingerprints or talk back (and you don’t want a tablet that does all this either), we can offer you an alternative with a retro feel, going back around 15 years. Released in 2008, the Nokia 6300 is most certainly one of the most cleanly designed mobile phones ever. It has a steady and regular signal strength, the voice quality is near guaranteed, and its battery life is undoubtedly better than your 1,000-euro smartphone from 2021 (standby time 14 days, talk time 3.5 hours). The Nokia Symbian operating system is inaccessible for the trackers, protocols or backdoor openers that are all over today’s devices. Thanks to its size of 106 by 44 by 13 mm and a weight of just 93 g, it can easily fit into a folding rule pocket, and still has the aesthetic restraint so sorely missed in today’s oversized smartphones, cars and shoes. So where’s the hitch? It can’t be the price! All our devices are used, of course, having been sourced in the Rhineland region in a catch-all collection effort. They were subsequently checked before being carefully and thoroughly reset with the data cleansed (something private sellers usually can’t do). While they have been acquired from completely unproblematic sources, and you won’t need to worry about having to deal with Japanese or Arabic characters, for example, you should expect some wear and tear (minor scratches). Also in stock, though supplies are limited: the Nokia 6230i - one of the most popular business phones of its day. All phones comes with a new and replaceable battery, along with the corresponding power supply unit. A warranty or the original packaging is not included. Because only a few phones are available, we will be happy to add you to a waiting list if we happen to be out of stock.

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