Hotel Le Fleur

Hotel Le Fleur

Bakelite® and porcelain switch systems

This small castle in Gonneville-sur-Honfleur in Normandy was renovated in 2019/2020. The new owners, Anna and Philipp Mayrhofer, took care of the interior themselves. Anna is a fashion and textile designer, her husband Philipp a film-maker. The couple had already gained a passion for renovating old buildings before they made the purchase – which meant they could apply their previous experience to the work on the castle near Honfleur, which began in May 2019. In 2020, a year that proved very difficult for tourism, the couple opened the doors of their property with its three lovingly and personally furnished guest rooms. During the renovation, ample use was made of THPG’s Bakelite® and porcelain switches and outlets. Of course, installing modern technology in an 18th century building is always a compromise. But if there’s no alternative from the original construction period, an aesthetically sensitive restoration will usually be guided by the closest era, where you will almost inevitably find our porcelain and Bakelite® switch systems, whose look and feel hark back to a time when electricity first became commonplace in private households. However, it’s not just about aesthetics: the technical benefits of these old materials, such as their high resistance to mechanical stress, their temperature resistance and insulating properties, are also strong arguments for using them in the renovation of valuable and historic buildings.

Location:Gonneville-sur-Honfleur, France
Renovation period:2019 – 2020
Owners:Anna and Philipp Mayrhofer
Details:Anna and Philipp did the interior design themselves. Anna took care of the textiles and colours, while Philipp was responsible for selecting the furniture.

“Le Fleur is a small castle with many original elements from the 18th century. We definitely wanted to preserve these elements during the renovation and combine them with furniture from the 20th century, as well as our own textile and wallpaper designs. Our main goal was to achieve a harmonious mix of different eras, and we spent a long time looking for elegant light switches and outlets that could work in a historical, but also modern context. The black Bakelite® and white ceramic rotary switches were the ideal choice for us. Their shape evokes a bygone era without looking museum-like. Our guests visibly enjoy switching on the light by turning the dial; we are regularly asked who makes the switches.”

– Philipp Mayrhofer, owner

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