S-spout for sink faucet brass


The details. Each fixture has a truly durable body made of solid brass which is chrome-nickel plated in two layers for long-term protection against corrosion and wear. The resulting high-gloss effect is perfected through subsequent hand polishing. The fixtures are equipped with precise valve controls: Ceramic disks with a hardness similar to that of diamonds and a smaller friction surface ensure unrivalled durability while reliably regulating the flow of water. All cartridges can be easily replaced without the use of specialised tools. Solid particles in the water supply cannot damage the seals. The valves have been tested to a lifespan of 500,000 cycles. The fixtures were tested to ensure they meet the following requirements: Water tightness, mechanical and hydraulic process, mechanical wear characteristics, quality of the chrome finish, noise characteristics, dimensions. Prior to delivery, each fixture is subjected to a quality inspection and tested for leaks on a test bench with water throughput. We use quality materials in every detail: Even the inserts in the handles - labelled in German - are made from porcelain instead of white plastic the way they usually are. The fixtures can be taken apart into all their components, so that any part can be replaced. They are suitable for use with pressurised hot water tanks as well as thermally and hydraulically controlled flow heaters. Delivery information: The fixtures are delivered with all accessories required for installation. Detailed installation instructions are also included.

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Fittings brass solid. Spare and replacement parts always with us.

Unpretentious in proven and functional forms, yet technically rock-solid, and easily repairable (not only theoretically, but thanks to our reliable spare parts supply also practically), this is how these series of fittings are designed, which we have realized for us by an Italian manufacturer.

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