Outlet french version surface mounted duroplast


Duroplast housing.
With spring clips and integrated shutter.
Produced for France.

Technical Information

16A, AC 250V
IP 20
Diameter: Ø 62 mm
Heigh above surface: 49 mm

Note: A base plate is essential for easily inflammable or uneven surfaces.

More details

Series 4: See how it works. Surface-mounted switches made from Bakelite.

Installing electrical wiring and switches on the surface is by far the most economical means, of course, which is also why this is the most common type of installation in workshops. It eliminates the need to cut or pry open the walls and allows for easy inspection, repairs, and expansion of the system itself and its wiring network. It is also a good option anywhere that installation on the wall surface is advisable or required for structural reasons (historical preservation, wood beams, concrete, etc.), whether the wiring itself is also installed on the wall or inside it. Two small drill holes are all it takes to ensure a firm hold. Taking their shape from classics in their genre, all of the parts of our surface-mounted series comply with present-day standards and safety regulations in technical terms. The sturdy, 2.5-millimetre housings made of black Bakelite are moulded in a single piece and provide sufficient protection for the electrical components underneath. Openings on the sides allow wiring to pass through. The back of the housing is open. For the mechanical parts, we rely on the same proven components that are used for the other switch series. Here, as in the other switches, the ceramic switch action ensures uniform switch contact that is gentle on the materials.

The advantages of our switch systems at a glance

  • solid, heavy quality with lavish use of materials
  • sophisticated, proven materials (Bakelite®, porcelain, thermoset)
  • ceramic switch systems of highest reliability
  • a discreet design that is hard to resist
  • full conformity with DIN and VDE regulations

Assembly note

For mounting: The internal parts are mounted and wired on the substrate, and then the housings are put on and screwed. When mounting on flammable substrates, please note that the substrate must be covered by an appropriate flame-retardant material (e.g. Pertinax). We offer a matching base plate made of white Duroplast, which closes the enclosures on the back with a positive fit and in accordance with the standards.

For mounting on plaster, we offer textile-covered cables and matching cable clamps.

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