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Today, rocker switches are almost only found with an oversized rocker. These monstrosities - aptly called "surface switches" - attract too much attention for our taste. We prefer the smaller, well-proportioned rockers of earlier models, which can be operated comfortably with a single finger.

The central insert of our rocker switch is made of porcelain, the round rocker is made of thermoset (Duroplast). The base body is made of steatite, a technical porcelain, and has tried-and-tested screw contacts. The durable brass switching mechanism also confirms the switching process acoustically. You can influence the volume by guiding the rocker more or less strongly into its target position.

A cross switch is required if switching is to take place from more than two points.

Technical Information

- 10A, 10 AX, AC 250V
- Porcelain central insert and duroplast toggle
- If you use more than two switches for one lamp, any further needs to be a crossbar switch.
- Ø 7,0 cm

More details

Series 1: Porcelain. Gleaming white and indestructible.

Our first switch series is made from the material that has been used in electrical products since the very beginning: porcelain. It is used not solely for aesthetic reasons, but for functional ones: porcelain offers good dielectric strength and tracking resistance, resists ageing, is extremely hard, and withstands fire and heat undamaged. The high-quality quartz porcelain (C 110) used for these switches complies with the standard for material properties according to DIN VDE 0335, Part 3. Production of technical porcelain was shifted from the previous site, in Schiernitz, Thuringia, in 2021. These items are now made by our long-standing partner Rauschert, whose plant is located in the Polish town of Mysłakowice.

Covers & Combinations

Covers and combination options.
All switches and sockets are supplied without external cover!

The inserts can be combined with the various covers of the series and thus used in a wide variety of configurations. Round single covers, double covers and round system covers are available. You can combine all switches and sockets of the porcelain switch series with these covers. For the antenna and telephone inserts and their offshoots, there are special single and system covers that have a larger inner diameter. The system and double covers can be used in existing installations without any problems, as they have been developed according to the standard distances. The porcelain switch range fits in all standard flush-mounted boxes.

The individual parts of the porcelain switch range are not compatible with our other switch ranges.


The advantages of our switch systems at a glance

  • solid, heavy quality with lavish use of materials
  • sophisticated, proven materials (Bakelite®, porcelain, thermoset)
  • ceramic switch systems of highest reliability
  • a discreet design that is hard to resist
  • full conformity with DIN and VDE regulations
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