Door handle set iron cranked


Hans Poelzig’s concept from 1930 counts as one of the most influential and multifaceted designs for a handle in the 20th century. English architect John Pawson, who modified this “imperial form handle” for FSB, once said in an interview that his love for Poelzig’s work was based on the fact that “it has one of the simplest forms”. As he explained it: “On the one hand, it has a near naked simplicity. On the other, it is soft, almost poetic. I enjoy grasping it with my hand, and I frankly don’t want to let go of it.” We couldn’t have said if better ourselves. To truly honour this “naked simplicity”, we have now crafted this archetypal door fitting from the most honest of all metals: cast iron. This special task is undertaken by a small company in rural Germany that has been specialising in cast iron fittings for a century now.

Technical Information

2x lever handle iron cranked (model 3155)
2x key rosette
1x square

Malleable cast iron raw
For door thickness 30 - 45 mm

More details

Cast iron is movement frozen in time. It is cooled heat and solidified flow – and it makes this reconciliation of polar opposites a visible, tactile and tangible experience. In contrast to stainless steel, the surface of cast iron still bears witness to the mountainous origins of the ore and coal that created it. Cast iron door fittings embody an honesty that is hard to find in the treated aluminium so common for door handles today. And rust? A thing of the past. The touch a door handle receives every day is enough protection against corrosion for this fitting. Iron door handles can even be used outdoors. A little touch of oil and steel wool is enough to take care of any rust that may accumulate.

We offer cast iron door handles as a set of two, or a set of one door handle and one doorknob, each available in three models (imperial form, cranked handle and crescent-shaped handle).

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