Hotel Grand Ferdinand

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Porcelain switch series.

The Hotel Grand Ferdinand located on the Ringstrasse stands in the tradition of legendary Viennese elegance with echoes of Art Nouveau and urban nonchalance. However, the owning family was not interested in soley reconstruct a bygone era, but rather focussed on independence regarding the combination of old and new. Typical for all Weitzer hotels is the will to go unconventional ways. The desire to provide guests with inspiring soul food is noticeable everywhere. From the culinary to the visual and functional delights, it is all about the highest degree of independence and inner coherence. It goes without saying that even in the area of switches and sockets, no superficiality was accepted.

Location: Vienna, Austria
Renovation phase: 2014 - 2015
Interior design: Florian Weitzer
Specifics: Hotel between modernity and tradition.

"When decorating our houses, we always play with the historical substance of the buildings. After the historic Palais located at Schubertring was completely redesigned after a war damage in the 1950s, we of course also included design elements from this era for the Grand Ferdinand, which opened in 2017. The aesthetically pleasing and high-quality ceramic light switches from THPG are of course the perfect reminiscence. It is not without reason that the company stands for high-quality in-house developments and special details. And so the beautifully shaped light switches also contribute their part to the "harmonious whole" - a characteristic of the Grand Ferdinand that is always particularly emphasised by our guests."

- Florian Weitzer, Managing Director of Weitzer Hotels

Pictures: © Weitzer Hotels

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