Gebrüder Fritz

Property:Gebrüder Fritz
Location:Berlin, district Charlottenburg
Renovation period:2019-2020
Interior design:Kathrin Limburg (founder)
Specifics:Renovation of an apartment in a building dating from 1903 and conversion into a venue for various types of event.
Property:Carl Fritz
Location:Berlin, district Mitte
Renovation period:2021-2022
Interior design:Kathrin Limburg (founder)
Specifics:Renovation of an apartment in a Renaissance Revival building from 1893 and conversion into a venue for various types of event, paying particular attention to heritage-protected elements.

Porcelain and Bakelite switch systems, porcelain fittings and bathroom furnishings

Convert a typical apartment in a late 19th/early 20th century building in Berlin into an event location – that’s what Gebrüder Fritz GmbH did in an innovative manner with its properties Gebrüder Fritz and Carl Fritz, using a variety of THPG products. Located in the Charlottenburg and Mitte districts, the venues comprise 330 square metres (Gebrüder Fritz) and 250 square metres (Carl Fritz) and are each divided into different rooms.

The renovation involved a wide range of work, including refurbishing heritage-protected stucco ceilings, repairing flooring, building above radiators and converting the 25-square-metre wash rooms into a large kitchen.

Stucco ceilings, historic tiles, original parquet floors, double doors and high windows now come together in an interior design that catches the eye with both natural clay paint and vibrantly coloured walls. The atmosphere of the rooms ranges from the traditional charm of an old building to the more practical feel of a studio. Meetings, workshops and digital events can be held here, as well as photo, film or video shoots.

Gebrüder Fritz GmbH put its trust in THPG products from the outset, installing rotary switches, universal dimmers and outlets, along with window handles, door knobs and door handles as well as toilet roll holders and other bathroom products. The fine details of our design and our preferred materials – porcelain, Bakelite and duroplast – contribute to the style and atmosphere of the individual rooms.

“Gebrüder Fritz GmbH specialises in operating extraordinary boutique locations in old buildings in top locations in the centre of Berlin. We love historic buildings and inspiring interiors. Our passion is to create an unforgettable atmosphere for our guests, focusing above all on the details that make the overall experience perfect. THPG’s products matched our needs and were ideal for this project. We worked closely with the company to tailor the switch systems, outlets and window handles to the historic character of the apartments.”

– Kathrin Limburg founder of Gebrüder Fritz GmbH

Installed products

Pictures: ©Noel Richter

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